We are a group of individuals who are passionate about this beautiful avenue and are dedicated and committed to saving it's historic charm. In reality, we are all just custodians of any historic building for future generations. We should give them a life beyond ours, and preserve the past for the future, so that they have a sense of their tangible past.

Alarming and disturbing events by a few unscrupulous developers over the past few years with little to no appreciation of heritage, moral compass, or visions sympathetic to the historical identity of Young Avenue, led to events leading up to the forming of the Save Young Avenue group, and the incorporation of the non-profit Young Avenue District Heritage Conservation Society on April 28, 2016.

Young Avenue District Heritage Conservation Society Certificate

Postcard: c.1924 Young Avenue (Courtesy Halifax Libraries)

Photo: Destruction of Young Avenue heritage mansions (© 2017 Barry Copp)


Alan North

Co-Founder and Director

Allan Robertson

Co-Founder and Director

Peggy Cunningham

Co-Founder and Director

Darrell Dixon

Co-Founder and Director

Peter Fillmore

Co-Founder and Director

Barry Copp


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